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A comprehensive list of Rock movies

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A comprehensive list of rock movies
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The rock movies: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of America’s most celebrated artists. Upon joining the (then, at the time) WWF in 1996, Johnson immediately dominated as an entertainer, quickly rising through the wrestling positions to become one of the best to ever venture into the ring. That wasn’t enough for Johnson, though, as he soon turned his focus to overcoming another equally tiring foray: Hollywood.

Johnson has made amazing progress since his first Act job in 2001’s The Mummy Returns, becoming one of the best and most generously compensated entertainers in the business, as well as a very cunning creator. This week, he makes his Netflix debut with Red Notice, an activity parody film starring Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds in what is the most expensive real-time movie ever.

Central Intelligence

Of the many joys of the Central Intelligence Agency, many come from carrying out the generally simple reason. Kevin Hart and Johnson influence their megawatt star power and put on another fun play about the pal satire, but one that doesn’t hesitate to wear his (Kevin) heart on his sleeve. Implanted with activity and giggles galore, the pair figure out how to channel the souls of much-loved realistic comedy teams, while having something more astute to say about advanced age and how we remember our apparent great days. Goodness, and did I refer to it’s an impact to watch?


As a prominent aficionado of when a movie pits goliath beasts against each other, Rampage is undoubtedly a good choice for me. The variation from the video game to the movie is packed with clever tricks, to the point that the plot is completely optional, simply to string together the monstrous activity set pieces that the movie enjoys so much during its runtime. Accordingly, everything about Rampage is huge, strong, and pointless – consistently making for a fun time frame.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

In a motivated disruption of his persona, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle stars Johnson as a geek struggling with the reality that he really is a legend. While entertaining, most of the parody stems from the main driver of the dynamic between Kevin Hart and Johnson, which is no different from what was found in Central Intelligence, but the film’s position on this review is due to the general scholarship between the group cast and a clever snare to reboot and breathe new life into established IP.

Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw

It seemed legitimate for the Fast and Furious establishment’s first side project to include both Johnson’s Agent Hobbs and Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw, as the two stars are more than capable of putting together a movie all on their own. Putting them together seemed legit, and most Hobbs and Shaw thrive on the science between the two. While the film falls into some very worn and additional plots, the lightness of the film’s two main lines helps keep things moving.

Jumanji: the next level

Essentially letting Johnson make a Danny DeVito impression for the entire movie sounds extraordinary on paper. All things considered, Jumanji: The Next Level’s focal snare performance flops a lot because it’s an inordinate amount of something similar. Nevertheless, the third part of the establishment thrives because of the continuation of the outfit cast elements and the fun, fast-moving activity.

Jungle Cruise

I wish Jungle Cruise was superior to what it ultimately was, because the choice to cast Johnson as a daring traveler and pair him up with Emily Blunt sounded great on paper. Unfortunately, the account’s execution misses the mark, plagued by an experiential style story that is too long and too relatable, even with the incredible science between the two leads. Perhaps the approaching sequel can steer the boat properly.

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The 2018 Skyscraper is a propulsive mix of Die Hard and Towering Inferno that plays out exactly as you imagined. But in light of the fact that we realize how it will all unfold doesn’t make it any less exciting. The film is the best execution of Johnson’s Everyman persona; he turns in a clearly legitimate and humanistic exhibit, regardless of whether all the CGI around him takes steps to mislead that image.

San Andreas

Everything about San Andreas is meant to kick off a sensational exhibition, but the execution of the 2015 film’s plot leaves a little to be desired. Gradually it feels quite small and ultimately more forgettable than countless different films in this overview. This wouldn’t normally be in the top 10 of The Rock movies.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Venture 2 is included here because it seems important toward Johnson’s calling as a chieftain. Stepping in here for Brendan Fraser would be one of the many occasions for a film continuation to go ahead depending on the power of Johnson’s name alone. Tragically, the actual movie is really forgettable, but oops for Johnson’s really giddy pecs.

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A comprehensive list of rock movies

This was all about the rock movies from our side. We always strive to serve our viewers well. Stay tuned if you like our content so we can grow together as a community. Feel free to drop your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section. Peace out!

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