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9kmovies to download movies – tamil movie download:

As of now, there is more than one solution for everything because of easy access to the internet. It is a great platform when it comes to watching and downloading movies. There are a number of ways to download or stream movies online. Like the popularity of those subscription based platforms to download movies. Otherwise, the most fantastic way to download movies is through torrent websites. These sites allow you to download your favorite movies without a subscription, so completely free. 9kmovies is one of these torrent sites, about which I will give you all the useful facts in this article.


This is for educational purposes so that you are aware of this site before going through it. So to know more about this, stay tuned until the end.

About 9km Videos

As I mentioned above, 9kmovies is one of the famous torrent websites that let you download movies for free. This is actually the best of torrent sites as they offer double version of movies. It is the main reason for the popularity of these sites because you get free links to your favorite movies. No subscription is required to access these websites.

Moreover, on this website you can download all the latest and old movies from Bollywood and Hollywood in HD print. In addition, it also uploads the latest Tamil movies and Telugu movie links and that too for free. You can download movies in different video formats in HD formats. Such as 420p, 720p, 1080p, HDRip, Bluray, etc. It contains popular movies of multifarious genres such as comedy, horror, action, drama, thriller, adventure, etc. With the variety of genres and video formats, it also provides links in different formats so that you can watch movies on any suitable device. It provides 300MB, 400MB, 600MB, 1GB, 2GB, etc. movie links.

There is no doubt that 9kmovies offers all your favorite movies for free. But you must remember that it is a piracy website and shares unauthorized links. These links are uploaded from the content concerned of the original owner. Therefore, the Indian government has banned this site under the Anti-Piracy Act. Though the restriction was in vain as the site still shares illegal links through various domains. Such as 9kmovies net, 9kmovies xyz, 9kmovies cc, 9kmovies in, 9kmovies info, 9kmovies to, 9kmovies com, 9kmovies ws, 9kmovies us.

Why avoid 9km videos to download movies?

As great as this website would be. Obviously, if you belong to India, you will definitely experience a good interface while you can watch all the movies of your region. But the point with this site is that it is a public torrent website. And a torrent site usually shares duplicate versions of movies. These links are not authorized by the original content owner. Therefore, it undergoes copyright issues.

Another disturbing thing to consider is that it uses third party advertisements that can harm your device for further use. Faulty and damaged files can be transferred to your device through these advertisements. Therefore, it can cause damage and also misuse your personal data. That’s why I strongly recommend that you use legal ways that use a secure interface. Moreover, 9kmovies is already violating Indian government law. So while you are considering the law, you should avoid using this website.

How to download movies officially?

If you are a person who is concerned about the restrictions and follow the rules responsibly. Then more information about legal ways to download movies may be of interest to you. As evident when links from entertainment source one category such as movies are available for free. Who wants to spend money? But here’s the thing that enjoying movies is officially quite a safe option and many legal sites offer free content. In addition, legal means will also not damage your device or cost you an unwanted penalty from the Piracy Act such as 9kmovies.

Websites like Voot, SonyLiv, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Videos and the like offer legal content on their site. They provide authorized download links and a secure interface, unlike torrent sites. These sites also have their great original series along with many latest and old movies. All Hollywood and Bollywood movies are available in HD quality.

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