9 Unique Ways to Use Instagram Story Highlights for Business

Instagram is a great way to connect and engage organizations, businesses and people through live videos, IGTV, shoppable tags or posing images. The platform offers users several new places to interact with others on social media networks. It improves customer experience for many companies and brands.

Instagram Story Highlights is one of the prominent features offered by the platform, which has been attracting huge attention since its release, and now it is used by 600 million profiles every day.

Here we will share how you can use story highlights on Instagram to promote your brand or business and capture the customers. Let’s jump in.

What is it?

Instagram Stories highlights are the collections of videos, images, and posts that you have previously uploaded to your Instagram story. Instagram stories will disappear in a day, but your Instagram story highlights will remain permanently on your Instagram profile page. You can add or remove posts in the story highlights at any time. The story highlights are above your feeds and below your bio section on the profile page.

How are you going to make it?

Before sharing your excellent content on highlights, you need to know how to create them. The first step is to confirm that the auto-archive feature on Instagram is enabled. If so, this feature automatically archives and saves each story to the cloud or feed so you don’t miss any valuable content.

Look at these points to get the archive feature:

  • Go to your settings on Instagram.
  • Tap the “Story” option.
  • Enable the “Save to archive” option.

Once the “Save to archive” option is enabled, creating a story highlight on Instagram is your next step. To do this:

  1. Launch your profile and click on the “Story Highlights” option under your bio section.
  2. Click on the stories to add to your Instagram story highlights.
  3. Select a cover image and a title for your highlight to complete.

Now you’re all set.

Unique Ways to Use Instagram Story Highlights for Business

You can add any of your stories to the Instagram Story Highlights, but it won’t engage your fans and it won’t encourage engagement. It’s more successful if you have more highlights that take care of the different Instagram Story types you create. So, here are the nine unique ways to use your Instagram Story Highlights to gain followers and engage customers.

1. Show your products

Promoting your services and products in the Instagram Story highlights is the best way to boost your business and brand and connect with your audience. According to the platform, 70% of users end up on a website or buy after watching ads on Instagram.

If someone visits your profile and sees a highlight called ‘products’, they are more likely to tap the product highlight to check your products and feeds. Your Instagram story highlights are an easy way to get data about your contributions and direct your audience to your targeted Page. To present your products more attractively in story highlights.

2. Event Promotion

Social media is the perfect place to increase brand awareness and promote events because that’s where the audience seeks data. You can still use the story feature to showcase past events and promote upcoming ones. It makes the public aware of the events that your company organizes.

3. Show what you’ve got

The primary goal of any business is to keep the customers informed and provide BTS (Behind The Scenes) with the work that creates excitement. With these stories, your customers and followers can get the people of your company and new initiatives.

Here are the best ways your brand or business can do it:

  • Tease your viewers by showcasing your new products.
  • Share screenshots, videos, photos taken during the company meetings.
  • Show your audience about the production of your product.

4. Audience Interaction with Polls

You can engage customers and also collaborate with the ad surveys in your stories on Instagram. You can gain more insight into your customers. And again, ask them lots of fun questions and invite the audience to interact with your company or brand.

You can also efficiently reframe your advertising and marketing campaigns through the results of your Instagram Story Polls. It’s the perfect step for users and followers to make sure you’re interested in their feedback and opinions about your conversations or products. It paves the way to get more story views and make the content more engaging with Snaphappen Instagram Story Views so you can reach your content to a wider audience.

5. Answer all your followers’ questions

Another feature you can use to grab your fans’ attention is a Q&A Story Highlight on Instagram.

The platform introduced the “Questions” sticker in 2018, which allows your fans to write questions to your brand or company when you add “Questions” stickers to your story. You can visit the profile of the user who replied, and you can share anyone’s question, but their profiles or images will not be displayed.

6. Provide tutorials of the product

Making a significant album for tutorials to use your services or products will help build your credibility and boost your brand authenticity. And you can also add the customers using your product’s video to simplify your product usage.

It gives your users an idea of ​​what to do after purchasing your services or products.

7. Highlight your customers’ testimonials

Everyone knows the importance of sharing customer reviews, so share your business or company’s reviews with all your fans. Creating an album to share your customer’s experiences using your service, brand, product and highlighting it on your profile is the perfect way to showcase your happy customers.

8. Part discounts and sales

Offering giveaways and discounts are easy ways to increase sales on the platform. It gives more visibility to your products and brand. And it also has the potential to generate leads, increase sales and drive more traffic to your target page.

Posting this on the Instagram Story Highlights is a good idea to attract followers. It gets them engaged with your story content and encourages them to buy your services or products.

9. Start a series

You know many ways to boost your services and products, highlight previous ones, advertise your special events, and communicate now sales and discounts. Another exciting step to interacting with your audience in Instagram Stories and getting great visibility is to create a highlight by uploading recognizable, fun content.

You can also create a highlight to share motivational or inspirational quotes relevant to your brand or business. You can also create a highlight of the current trends on social media and share your video series or blog.

You can also post fun and non-business messages, but you have to be consistent. Create a story on Instagram every time you upload a new video or blog. This strong consistency will keep your audience coming back!

Sum up

We hope this article gave you unique ideas on how to use Instagram Story Highlights in a new dimension to help your business interact with fans on Instagram. Working with Instagram Story Highlights is a perfect way to do this if you’re looking for ways to build your brand or business.

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing executive who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering compelling content.

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