9 Interesting Short Movies On YouTube That Every Cinema Enthusiast Should Watch

When you can’t choose which movie to watch, short films are the best option. Not only are they bright, with brilliant acting and thrilling screenplay, but also convey the right amount of story that keeps us addicted to the screen. For anyone who loves cinema, here are some brilliant short films on YouTube and Mubi that you should bookmark and binge-watch.

9 Interesting Short Films On YouTube And Mubi That Every Cinema Enthusiast Should Watch

1. The lovers

We often hear about domestic violence, but what happens when a family is wrongly accused of it? Anirudh and his family’s life changes when his wife Nitya files a case against them against domestic violence. However, they are framed incorrectly. Why and what happens next is at the heart of the story.

2. Regularly

Director Samujjal Kashyap’s film is a wonderful take on an arranged marriage. Meet the newlywed couple who share a quiet and formal comparison noticed by their paying guest.

3. Horpal

Written and directed by Aniket Kulthe, Horpal is a tough short film by Marathi that revolves around the lives of migrant workers. Told from a child’s perspective, the 11-minute film sheds light on the lives of migrant children who miss the opportunity of education due to constant insecurities and shifts in their lives.

4. The neighbors window

A short film of 20 minutes The neighbors window will you consider to think. Winner of the Best Live Action Movies at the Oscars, the film centers around a mother of three and her husband. But when a young couple moves in across the street, things take a turn in the least expected way. The film, directed by Marshall Curry, features Maria Dizzia, Greg Keller, Juliana Canfield and Bret Lada.

5. Tamarindes and Toffees

How about taking a nostalgic trip? The short film, directed by Pranjalee Upadhyay, is about two friends who reunite with their grandparents after years and how the two generations form a bond.

6. Bouma

The thriller is set in the 1960s in Calcutta and is about a married couple. The woman’s life takes an unexpected turn when the husband dies. Starring Bidita Bag and Rajatabha Dutta, the film is dark and plays with your mind.

7. Sing

Inspired by a true story, that of Kristof Deak To sing (Everyone) revolves around Zsófi, who joins a new school and choir group. However, the manipulative singing teacher asks her to mimic the lyrics instead of vocalizing them. But the real question is, can’t she sing or is the chorus a simulation?

8. Freedom at midnight

This is one of those scripts that can leave many shocked and confused at the end. And that’s reason enough to look at it. Chandra is frustrated and wants sexual freedom. She expresses the same to her husband Das and reveals some details. The film ends with shocking revelations. A must-watch indeed!

9. Rammat Gammat – Mubi

Directed by Ajitpal Singh, Rammat-Gammat has caused quite a wave at international film festivals. The film is a brilliant story that sheds light on class, caste, status and more. The film is a story of two young boys from different backgrounds who bond with football and form a unique bond. However, a new pair of shoes ruins their pretty comparison. The script simply highlights the prominent issues such as merit versus money, poor versus privileged, and many more.

9 Interesting Short Films On YouTube And Mubi That Every Cinema Enthusiast Should Watch

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