8xfilms Website – Download New Indian, Pakistani Movies Online – Is It Legal?

Piracy has been a serious problem all over the world. There are several websites around the world like 8x Movies that make movies illegal and leak online for free before the movies can even be released. Fans who can’t wait for the movie to hit theaters tend to download these illegal movies.

This has led to a reduction in the number of movie buffs going to the cinema to enjoy their favorite films. The filmmakers’ losses have exceeded millions as a result of this unlawful act of such piracy websites. So today we are going to discuss 8xfilms an illegal site.

About 8x movies

8xfilms is one of the most visited sites in 2019.8xfilms gives you the opportunity to watch all the latest Hollywood Movies, Bollywood Movies, Telugu Movies, Malayalam Movies, Punjabi Movies, South Indian Movies, Pakistani Movies and many more download and stream. If someone is a web series lover then 8x movies is the best choice to download web seres videos from Netflix and Amazon Prime. The 8xfilm website has an extensive collection of films, including old and new releases.

8xfilms was the most visited site in 2019 and will continue to attract millions of visitors per day in 2020. All Bollywood, Hollywood and Tollywood newly released movies and updated on this site the same day of high resolution release.

Not only is this site popular for downloading movies only, but most of the users visit this site to download TV shows and award shows as well. I hope in 2020, and even this website will become the most popular. As we know illegal sites can only upload the latest movies, so this is one of the illegal site statements about internet as well.

Is 8x movies legal?

Well, this site is illegal and shut down by many countries. Downloading movies from such sites is wrong and will get you in trouble as the government takes piracy seriously. All content uploaded to this site is copied from the original. 8xfilms does not have a legal copyright license and is maintained under a list of illegal sites. We all know theft is a crime; 8x movies is also the same as theft. So try to avoid this site and even other illegal sites. We never recommend our readers to download movies from these sites.

Is 8xfilms safe to use?

We never recommend a website when the weather is warm; it is safe or unsafe. When we discuss 8x movies, it is dangerous to download movies. Many risks can get you in trouble. So there are many opportunities. First, you can be caught by cyber police and jailed and fined up to one lakh. Nobody takes this risk.

Another is that there are many viruses and malware that enter your device and steal your data and leak on the internet. So be safe from illegal sites.

Why is 8x movies so popular?

There are many reasons for the popularity of 8x movies. This site has a large collection of films from different cinemas and in multiple languages. Moreover, this site has a clear and user-friendly interface, which allows you to download videos in a few steps.

Alternatives of 8x movies

There are thousands of websites on the Internet today related to piracy. Many niches have been copied illegally, but movie piracy is most popular in this decade. So there are many websites that give fierce competition to 8x film. We have selected a few that can help you find the movies you want and download them in the best quality.


Our team and we never support piracy, nor do we recommend our readers to download movies from illegal sites. When we discuss issues we can use illegal sites so try to avoid these websites like 8xfilms.

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