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7 video games that are Being adapted Into Movies Or shows!!




7 video games that are Being adapted Into Movies Or shows!!

There’s no denying the impact video games have on our culture, so it comes as no surprise that these games are being turned into movies and TV shows.

Video game movies manage to capture the magic of the stories they plunder and shine -a new light on the characters we love and hate.

In this article, we tell you about the list of film adaptations of video games. These include local, national, international, direct-to-video, and TV releases, and in certain cases online releases.

 Best 7 Video game Movies of all time

1. Monster Hunter

If you’ve ever played Monster Hunter, then you will know all about how to track, fight, and capture a manner of beasts.

Monster Hunter fans are in luck, as the movie is releasing in September 2020.

2. Detective Pikachu

Even if you have no interest in video games, you probably have played Detective Pikachu at some point.

After the demise of his father, Tim travels to Ryme city where he runs into his father’s Pokemon partner, Pikachu. They team up and try to work on the case left unfinished by Tim’s father.

3. Tomb Raider

Lara Croft, a courageous and independent young woman, sets out on a dangerous journey to unravel the truth behind her adventurer father’s mysterious disappearance.

Tomb Raider certainly marks a watershed moment for video game movies filled with star talent that might open up the door for even more video games.

4. Call of Duty

Even if you have no interest in video games, you probably have played Call of Duty at some point. Call of Duty is the best-selling video game franchise of all time and now it is set to get its own movie.

5. Resident Evil

Resident Evil is an action-adventure film series based on the Japanese video game franchise by Capcom. German studio Constantin Film bought the rights to adapt the series in January 1997.

6. Uncharted

Uncharted is based on Playstation’s popular series. In the video game, Uncharted stars Nathan Drake as the hero, and the game if you haven’t played,it is similar to the Indiana Jones franchise.

7. Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is an American media franchise center on a series of video games, originally developed by Midway Games in 1992.

If you’ve got friends over and have had a few drinks, you won’t find a much better way to kill 90 minutes than with the  Mortal Kombat movie.

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Best 5 movie drinking games to play on Netflix!!




Best 5 movie drinking games to play on netflix

Watching an amazing movie with friends is a fun pastime in and of itself, but add in a drinking game to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a hilarious pop culture party in full swing.

There is a movie drinking game for pretty much any film you can imagine, but if you’re looking for a collection of some of the best, you’ve come to the right place.

1.Kung Fu Hustle

Karate and alcohol go great together as long as you leave the kicks and punches to the professionals. Kung Fu Hustle delivers all the action you need in a Netflix drinking game, but in a hilariously comedic way.

2. Zombieland

 This horror-comedy takes place in a post-apocalyptic world – it’s there in the title, isn’t it? The nifty part is that the undead has been roaming for a while when we meet Jesse Eisenberg’s survivor, who tells us – via amusing onscreen captions – of certain rules he has to stay alive.

Take a drink when: A rule comes up on screen. Somebody uses a place as a character name. Twinkies are talked about. Tallahassee kills a zombie.

3. Die Hard

The movie: Coolest action movie ever made? Probably. Bruce Willis stars as a cop who’s trapped in a building with 12 terrorists at Christmas time. He’s the only thing stopping them from delivering more than presents…

Take a drink when: Anyone uses a radio or walkie-talkie to communicate. McClane kills a bad guy. There’s a Christmas reference. McClane talks to himself.

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4. Love Actually

It may be a Christmas movie but time is meaningless right now, so go off! Of all the cheesy, sappy, awful, wonderful Christmas movies out there, Love Actually is the best, and makes for one of the best movie drinking games.

Drink when:

  • Someone says “Christmas”
  • Someone wears a turtleneck
  • You find out how people from parallel stories know each other
  • Someone is surprised to see the Prime Minister

5. Twilight

If you’re going to rewatch the originals before Midnight Sun comes out (which you absolutely should do), you’ll need a few drinks.

Drink when:

  • Bella looks like she’s about to throw up
  • Edward looks uncomfortable
  • A vampire uses their powers
  • Bella and Edward stare silently at each other

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How to Watch the Gamescom 2020 Opening Night Live Show!!




How to Watch the Gamescom 2020 Opening Night Live Show!!

There might not have been an E3 to obsess over this year, but we’re still getting at least one major video game event this year.

Gamescom is Germany’s biggest annual videogames convention, Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been switched from a physical event to a virtual one for 2020.

According to Keighley, the two-hour show will feature some new game announcements, but will mostly be about “updates from announced titles. The show contained announcements regarding 38 games.


  • New game announcements
  • Trailer/gameplay reveals
  • A sneak peek at Gamescom 2020
  • New ONL pre and post-show

Date: Thursday, August 27, 2020

Time: Live 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm CET, in the follow-up, Opening Night Live Aftershow – by IGN until 11:00 pm

Location: Global live stream (with in-person + virtual guests)

When does Gamescom Opening Night Live start?

Gamescom Opening Night Live takes place on August 27 at 7 pm BST / 2 pm ET / 11 am PT (or August 28 at 4 am AEST) and will be two-hours long.

However, there will also be a pre-show beginning 15 minutes beforehand.

Where to watch Gamescom Opening Night Live 2020

Gamescom Opening Night Live will stream via Gamescom now live to fans around the world.

Opening Night Live will stream on The Game Awards YouTube channel. And Twitch on Thursday, August 27 at 11 a.m. Pacific.

Gamescom 2020 Opening Night Live

After record results in 2019, the opening night celebration of Gamescom returns in 2020 to bring our industry together – as a fully digital show that kicks off 3 days of Gamescom 2020 shows and streams.

The Opening Night Live will be presented live by Geoff Keighley, the host, and producer of “The Game Awards”.

Gamescom Opening Night Live 2020: what to expect

We are expecting world premiere trailers, exclusive first looks, and big announcements during the Opening Night Live stream – along with some surprises.

Thanks to teases by Keighley on Twitter, we already have an idea of what we can expect from Opening Night Live.

One thing we know that will be in the show for sure is Fall Guys Season 2.

Opening Night Live will mostly feature announcements about games we already know about, or that are already out.

  • Frontier
  • Focus Home Interactive
  • Gearbox
  • Headup Games
  • Warner Bros Games
  • Xbox Game Studios
  • Deep Silver
  • Devolver

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Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer :How To Get Disney+Hotstar VIP Free Subscription For A Year??




Hey Streamers, There is a piece of good news for you all and it is coming from Reliance Jio. Like every year, Reliance Jio has now come up with its Cricket Dhan Dhana Dhan offer just before IPL.

Jio has launched two plans.

With this Cricket Dhan Dhana Dhan offer of Reliance Jio, customers will be having the benefit of exclusive free subscription of DISNEY + HOTSTAR VIP.  Sounds Amazing, Right?

How To Get Amazon Prime Video Subscription For Free?

How To Get Free Disney+Hotstar VIP Subscription via JIO?

Yes, Jio is offering Disney+Hotstar subscription with its Rs 499 plan.

Its duration will be for 1 year, Yes-You heard it right!!

Not only this But also Customers will get unlimited cricket coverage in this plan.

This plan will get 1.5 GB data daily and the validity of this plan is 56 days, but a big problem with this plan is that you are not getting any calling facility.

Jio’s Rs 499 plan will get a free subscription of DISNEY + HOTSTAR VIP for one year, which costs Rs 399, however, Jio’s pre-paid customers will not be charged with this plan. 

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 Quartly plan of Rs 777

In this plan also you will get a free subscription of DISNEY + HOTSTAR VIP for one year. In this plan also, 1.5 GB i.e. 131 GB data will be available daily. The validity of this plan will be 84 days. In this plan, you will get unlimited calling and subscription of Jio apps.

  • Apart from this, the company has also introduced a cricket special plan of Rs 2,599, which has a validity of 12 months and in it, you will get a total of 720 GB data and unlimited calling.
  • This plan will also get a free subscription of DISNEY + HOTSTAR VIP for one year.

In addition, the company has also introduced data add on packs of 612, 1,004, 1,206, Rs 1,208, which get 72 GB, 200 GB, 240 GB and 240 GB data respectively.

Of these, the calling of 612 rupees is getting 6000 non-live minutes calling, but no other plan has to call the facility.

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