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7 movies celebrating singledom to watch this Valentine’s Day on Netflix, Disney + Hotstar and YouTube

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner might be a good time to take a break from all the overly romantic love songs and movies that celebrate the idea of ​​long-lasting love and togetherness. While they may be well-meaning in their sweet sweetness and tearful happy-ever afters, they may not be what you need this time around. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Below is a list of all the movies you can add to your watchlist that celebrate the idea of ​​being single and happy. From Alia Bhatt As they discover the importance of taking care of her emotional baggage so that Keira Knightley shuts down in the best possible way, these films are perfect for feeling good about yourself on Valentine’s Day, whether you’re single or a couple. relationship.

How to be single (2016)

Often times in life, people forget how to be alone with ourselves, especially when they’ve had relationships that have lasted a long time, often well past their due date. Appropriate title aside, this movie is perfect for anyone who lacks the security that long-term relationships bring and wants to find inspiration on how to be with themselves first. Alice (Dakota Johnson) moves to the big city after breaking up with her boyfriend and feels she’s ready for whatever the city has to offer. While things don’t quite turn out the way she wanted, she eventually learns more about herself and what she needs to make herself happy.

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Start over (2013)

Singer and songwriter Gretta (Keira Knightley) is discovered by recently fired music producer Dan (Mark Ruffalo) in a bar, just after learning that her boyfriend and songwriting partner (Adam Levine) had cheated on her. Still reeling from her breakup, she declines to entertain Dan’s offer to sign her to his former record label, but admits when she realizes she wants to continue making music. By making music together, they both calm down their inner turmoil and take a step towards healing from within.

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Someone great (2019)

Dealing with break ups is always difficult, but it can be made somewhat easy with the help of close friends and drunken setbacks, like in this one comedy drama film with Gina Rodriguez, Brittany Snow and DeWanda Wise. Jenny (Rodriguez) is all set to leave for her dream job in San Francisco when her longtime boyfriend breaks up. Trying to save her from a depression spiral, her friends take her out to celebrate her on the town last night before leaving to pursue her dreams.

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Queen (2013)

This tale of a mild and mouse-like West Delhi girl who discovers herself on a solo Eurotrip isn’t just one of the most entertaining movies of the past decade, but also inspiring for anyone who has ever had doubts and insecurities about themselves. Rani (Kangana Ranaut) goes on a honeymoon alone after being rejected by her fiancé (Rajkummar Rao) the day before their wedding. Through her adventures in Paris and Amsterdam she meets new people and grows up to be the best version of herself.

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500 days of Summer (2009)

Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Summer (Zooey Deschanel) meet and fall in love, but that love does not last, prompting Tom to talk about the 500 days he spent with her trying to understand their failed relationship. Whether you believe Summer was the real villain of the story or are firmly in the ‘Tom was delusional’ camp, 500 days of Summer is a heartbreaking tale of failed relationships and misplaced expectations. Spoiler alert: After all the fear, there’s a happy ending, so it’s actually not a bad movie to watch when you’re single and insecure about love and all that it entails.

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Be brave (2012)

With her flaming red, curly locks and fierce independent spirit, Merida was the first Disney princess to have nothing to do with men or outdated customs dictating how to live her life. Set in the Scottish Highlands, the story centers on the Disney princess who rebels against her family and rejects an age-old custom that sets off events that would lead her mother to be cursed and turned into a bear (you must watch the movie in front of it all to make sense). It is then up to Merida to do her introspection and find a way to meet her family halfway through to save her mother’s life and her kingdom.

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Dear Zindagi (2016)

These Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan starrer tells the story of a young woman who learns the importance of working on herself before expecting a long and happy life with a partner. After facing her career and relationship issues, Kaira decides to move home with her parents. A chance meeting with a therapist makes her realize that she has to work on the baggage she unconsciously carried with her throughout her life in order to move forward in her life.

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