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7 horror movies like Aftermath you must see

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7 horror movies like Aftermath you must see
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Peter Winther’s ‘Aftermath’ is a slow-burning horror thriller film that contains many surprises to keep the genre fans captivated. The horror is usually psychological and increases with absences. The story revolves around a couple who move to an affluent but sparsely populated neighborhood after stealing a lot at a crime scene. Kevin and Natalie’s marriage is going through a rough patch, and Kevin insists a change of scenery would bring them back to their former happiness. However, an unexplained chain of events causes them to ruin their sleep, and they uncover a larger conspiracy surrounding the events. If you liked the murder mystery thriller horror cocktail, we might have a few recommendations for you. Most of these movies are like ‘Aftermath’ on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

7. After Hours (1985)

7 horror movies like Aftermath you must seeMartin Scorsese’s body of work includes quite a few films, and the neo-noir comedy thriller ‘After Hours’ is among the underrated. Set in the SoHo district of nocturnal New York City, the story revolves around Paul Hackett’s miseries and misadventures over the course of a single night. The story takes center stage in Kiki’s studio apartment in NYC, where Paul must return more than once on his destined journey home. The mystery and burglary elements are there, and the minimalist apartment gives it a decidedly spacious character if you want to change the mood for something more on the comedic side while sticking to the same theme of home, ‘After Hours’ is a great in the mix .

6. The Quiet House (2010)

Directed by Gustavo Hernández, The Silent House (original title: ‘La Casa Muda’) is a Uruguayan horror film with nail-biting suspense and ominous intrigue. Repair hands Laura and Wilson arrive at a dilapidated cottage in the middle of nowhere, and there begins a series of seemingly inexplicable episodes. Events spiral out of control, and the disturbing ending presupposes the paranoia created during the film. But the film’s genius lies in creating ominous fear. If you’ve liked the atmosphere of suspense in ‘Aftermath’, ‘The Silent House’ will keep you satisfied.

5. Sleep tight (2011)

What if your apartment concierge doesn’t want to see you happy? Spanish=language horror has become quite a genre in its own right. Acclaimed horror director Jaume Balagueró creates one of his best cinematic atmospheres in the psychological horror thriller ‘Sleep Tight’ (originally titled: ‘Mientras Duermes’). Cesar thinks he’s threatening, but the act of voyeur exposes him to far more devastating secrets. The accident slowly spirals out of control in Cesar and Clara’s frequent encounters, not always under the best of circumstances. If you have a general penchant for home invasion thrillers, this is the movie to go to.

4. Home (1977)

Japanese horror movies are known to scare, but Nobuhiko Obayashi’s ‘House’ (originally titled: ‘Hausu’) is not one of them. The film is a horror comedy that is part fairytale horror, part B-movie limbo, and part outrageous fun. Gorgeous visits her aunt’s house with her friends Prof, Melody, Kung Fu, Mac, Sweet and Fantasy. The holiday begins with much fanfare and excitement, but the aunt comes to reveal her more diabolical wishes. If you want to change the mood for something light-hearted and rejuvenating while sticking to the home and family theme, “House” is a great entry to brighten up the list.

3. When a Stranger Calls (1979)

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There is rarely anything more creepy than a stranger calling you and asking if you want to check on the kids. The urban legend of ‘the babysitter and the man above’ has been used in countless movies, but a few of them have perfected it as Fred Walton’s OG mystery thriller ‘When A Stranger Calls’. A high school student is hired as a babysitter and she starts receiving strange phone calls. On the other side, a man is on the loose who has been convicted of the murder of two children. This would be your best bet if you want to get back to the classics of home invasion thrillers. There is also a 2006 remake which is of some merit, but we recommend checking out the original.

2. She (2016)

When it comes to horrors of home invasion, not many films can capture the trauma of the victim as elegantly as Paul Verhoeven’s original French horror thriller “Elle.” Isabelle Huppert stars in the central role, weaving a gripping and provocative tale of pride and prejudice. The story revolves around the titular character, the rock-solid CEO of a video game company, who goes in search of her attacker. The attacker is hidden under a seductive face and the truth leads her closer to herself. Elle’s whitewashed house symbolizes her ruthless but colorless nature, but she is full of surprises. If you liked the home invasion cocktail of ‘Aftermath’, ‘Elle’ is a movie to add to your bucket list.

1. Relic (2020)

There are home invasion films and films in which the house takes on a distinct character. Natalie Erika James’ psychological horror thriller ‘Relic’ is a slow and claustrophobic experience in its own right. The story revolves around a family of three, an amnesiac matriarch, her daughter and granddaughter. The ending takes us into the labyrinthine corridors of the claustrophobic house, which becomes a relic of its own. If you want to create a horror theme without resorting to jump scare tactics, ‘Relic’ is a disturbing masterpiece of a movie.

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