6 basic tips to get started with mountain biking

A certain level of strength and endurance, a minimum of agility on the bike and a great desire to enjoy nature and outdoor sports… These are the basic requirements for mountain biking. If you want to start when mountain biking, these tips will help you know where to start.

Every day more people are encouraged to grab their bikes and cycle through the countryside or mountains for a few hours. At the competition level, mountain biking is a tough and demanding sport, but the good news is that it can be adapted to anyone who simply decides to do a complete aerobic exercise that also allows them to discover new routes and landscapes.

When you start mountain biking you have to take into account some important considerations about your own physical condition, your posture on the bike or basic safety rules.

How to start mountain biking?

Pay attention to a few tips and start enjoying a sport that is as beautiful as it is effective to get in excellent physical condition and make you feel more agile and stronger. Watch out! When you start, you don’t want to stop:

1. The MTB bicycle

To you start mountain biking need a specific bike. It’s not worth it to roll on asphalt. A mountain bike is designed to pedal on the ground and maybe cross hills, hills and gullies, so it’s very different from a road bike. The resistance level, the grip of the wheels and especially the damping, make it unique for the practice of this sport. You don’t have to buy the most expensive on the market. They are very basic and cheap, ideal for beginners. Check that it is your “size” and that you are comfortable in it.

2. Basic equipment

The most important thing is the bike, but also one appropriate helmet (the motorcycles are not worth it) is essential to ride safely on any trail. Good shoes, comfortable clothing that is not too loose, safety glasses and of course a bottle or container for water that you should always have with you are what you actually need.

3. Physical form

A pleasant walk through nature is not the same as mountain biking as an intensive sports activity on a regular basis. Minimal physical preparation is important so that your first experience on the bike is satisfying, without falls or injuries and without excessive exhaustion. Exercising for at least 30 minutes three times a week on an exercise bike or racing bike, or running for the same amount of time, is a good way to improve your fitness. If you also work hard at the gym to strengthen your legs, arms and core, perfect!

4. Basic technique

Although you often ride a bike, mountain biking has its little “tricks” that should be familiar. For example, if a friend practices this sport, he can teach you the posture to adopt on the bike, especially on slopes or to save a hill, the right distribution of your weight, when to shift or what rhythm you should pedal to combine sport and fun. Isn’t difficult. With a minimum of prior advice from a personal trainer and some practice, you’ll be in control of mountain biking in no time.

5. Choose the route

It is another important detail if you start mountain biking. Be realistic and careful. Choose the first few days routes those are duly signposted and suitable for a beginner. Don’t come “up”, neither with the distances, nor with the speed. The most important thing is to be able to take those first paths with a rhythm that requires a certain amount of effort, which you can maintain without any problems. Remember, unless it is a circular route you have to find your way back, reserve your power!

6. Company and with your mobile

Or you started mountain biking whether you’ve been practicing it for years, it’s always better to ride accompanied, especially if you decide to explore new routes. The mobile phone and the GPS are essential to ensure safety in this sport against unforeseen events.

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