5 Types of Fusion Clothes You Can Wear to Your Reception Party

The reception party is a summing up celebration of your fat Indian wedding and as a bride you will be at your most comfortable level. All you have to do is let go of your hair and party hard!

You have had enough doses of traditional Indian garments; maybe you want to try something different now. So this is what I have in store for you.

1. The floor length Anarkali

The most flamboyant form of dressing you can ever choose to wear to your reception, which will be a floor-length Anarkali. Anarkali dresses have come a long way, they’ve evolved, and how! The flowy character of the dress will be just perfect for the big parties of the evening. Don’t worry if you are short in stature, in fact, the volume of the dress will make up for it.

2. Dress

Again closely synonymous with Anarkali, a dress is an ideal option for the celebration. Opt for intricate embellishments of your choice and stick with classy colors like gold, cream, silver as they look best for the occasion.

3. Lehenga-Saree

Added a new twist to the million year old trend. If you don’t like to wear a saree, this style will make you love it! The amalgamation of a lehenga and a saree looks flawless while draping it. And the drape is quite easy, it is pre-stitched. Genius right?

4. Saree dress

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And now for those who like to wear a saree but want to look different. A sari dress is what you would like to put on. The elegance of a saree and a dress is what you get when you wear one and it looks beautiful! You get the best of both worlds.

5. Lehenga

Who said lehengas can only be worn at your wedding? A chic lehenga, with metallic tones, works wonders for the occasion. It’s a classic piece that can never go wrong. You can try experimenting with unique styles to drape a dupatta, which will give the ensemble a whole new look.

It’s difficult, but you have to choose one. Choose the style that will flatter your body.

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