5 keys to get in shape after the summer

When your vacation ends and you are considering how to get back in shape after summer, we present five basic tips to achieve it in less time than you think and without major sacrifices, you will see that it is not that complicated!

All good things are over and maybe it’s time to get back to your daily life after a few weeks of rest. Total disconnection, relaxing for hours in the sun, how wonderful gastronomically! But now it is time to Recover your physical shape after the summer and before that, some practice, a balanced diet and some extra “tricks” are the keys to making getting back to your routine easier.

What to do (and what not to do) to get in shape after the holidays

To resume the sessions in the gym, to go for a run after the summer or to consider dusting the barbells. It’s normal to be a little lazy, but you have to set up after the summer so that you will be phenomenal in a few weeks. Not sure where to start? Take note!

1) Motivation

Your attitude towards the return is one of the keys to making it much easier get fit again after the holidays. Set goals and go for it. You probably want to lose weight won on the basis of a lounger and a beach bar, or maybe you make it your target improve your walking speed Having a clear goal will always get you “on track” and that your motivation can control laziness.

2) Try something new

It is an excellent idea to reinforce that motivation. A routine with exercises you haven’t done before, trying out a new machine at the gym, sign up for a spinning or Pilates lesson for the first time, barter run to cycle for a day, or to test the benefits of a walking in a group. These are options that get it from in shape after summer easier and more fun.

3) Little by little

If you usually exercise, recovering physical shape after summer vacation does not cost you too much, but at least you should start exercising little by little, gradually increasing the intensity of the effort. Your body needs a minimal adjustment period. It is a mistake to start training relentlessly, thinking that this way you will lose weight in two days or be ready to run a marathon. This way you can only exhaust yourself (or injure yourself) and also get discouraged for your time.

During the first weeks it is sufficient to train for 3 days, always in shorter and gentler sessions than before the holiday. Don’t be in a hurry. Your own body will tell you when it is ready to run more miles or do more reps.

4) Cardio + strength

To combine cardio with strength training is the best way to get in shape after the summer. Make varied activities in your weekly training plan and respect for rest days, essential if you have not done sports for weeks. For example, you can do aerobic exercises twice a week and start strength training for just one day. A good one training schedule for after the summer would be:

  • Monday: aerobic activities such as swimming, running, cycling.

  • Tuesday: rest.

  • Wednesday: Strength training that trains the large muscle groups without extra weight (abs, squats, stride, plank).

  • Thursday: rest.

  • Friday: Cardio training in the gym: cross trainer, spinning, rope jumping, rowing, aerobics circuit.

  • Saturday and Sunday: rest.

Cardio exercise helps you eliminate calories and fat, while strength training helps strengthen your muscles.

5) Healthy and balanced nutrition

Forget about miracle diets. When summer has put on a few extra pounds, get rid of them with healthy menus and progressive exercise. Follow a balanced diet in which carbohydrates and proteins are not lacking. Simply reduce your intake of saturated fat and simple sugars. Fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish you don’t have to “go on a diet”, just eat right, which means healthy, nutrient-rich foods predominate. Don’t forget the importance of getting enough water to properly hydrate you and help you eliminate fats and toxins.

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