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5 Best Spring/Summer Menswear Fashion Trends

5 Best Spring/Summer Menswear Fashion Trends
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5 Best Spring/Summer Menswear Fashion Trends

T The temperature outside is starting to rise and it’s time to upgrade your warm weather wardrobe. For the fashion-conscious men, who are often busy catching up with the latest trends, here are some ideas that are sure to be big this summer.

List of 5 Best Spring/Summer Menswear Fashion Trends

1) Pants with cuffs

Inspired by the industry’s current obsession with luxury sports, cuffed pants and elasticated cuffs. Cuffs on jeans and office wear, however, are a strict no-no. So the next time you go out with the guys for a casual outing, try some cuffed pants. Pair it with a fitted cotton shirt and sleek sneakers to complete the look.

2) Pink!

Yes, you read that right. Pink is the new Steve McQueen. The pastel shade is undoubtedly a stylish choice. A pink blazer or pants are ideal for summer weddings or for casual occasions. You need some confidence to make it happen; bright pink can give a high-fashion edge to your wardrobe.

3) Block stripes

Stripes almost never go out of style and this summer, big block stripes will take over. Block stripes are sure to catch the eye and are the next step in the evolution of color blocking. Be it socks, ties, scarves, trousers or outerwear, this trend has been applied to every area of ​​the wardrobe this season. In keeping with the trend, a Breton top is an all-time classic that every man should have.

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4) Camouflage

Like it or not, camouflage remains, at least this year. So expect to see it this summer. However, abstract prints have replaced the typical forest tones. Ideal for a casual night out, it can be worn with well-fitting denim and retro-style runners. Don’t throw away that camouflage shirt just yet.

5) Block controls

This summer, checks are everywhere, from pants and shirts to T-shirts and blazers. Look for wide checks with a timeless base color of black or gray. Avoid bright colors in windows. This versatile trend exudes style like no other and is easy to carry. All serious dressers, this one’s for you! So which of the five trends shown here do you most want to get on board with?

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