Criminal Justice Season 2: Review And Rating

Criminal Justice Season 2: Review And Rating

Rating: 4.0 stars/5

In-depth Analysis

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Direction:  3.5/5
Dialogues:  4.0/5
Music:        3.0/5
Visual appeal:  3.5/5

Criminal Justice Season 2 Review:

Disney+ Hotstar comes with its new webseries Criminal Justice Season 2. Does it give you what was expected? Is it still entertaining and equally shocking? Read on to know

The world of Criminal Justice paints a brutal picture of the issues that surround us, but are seldom talked about.

It focuses on the media trial that is often carried out when a high-profile person is involved and how it can lead to a person being treated like a criminal, even before the Court’s order.

In a single scene, Criminal Justice shows us the downside of social media and how toxic it gets at times. There are other grave issues too but talking about them would be giving out spoilers.

Anupriya Goenka was great in Season 1. She is even better here. Playing lawyer Nikhat Hussain who joins Madhav Mishra to defend the accused, she matches her formidable co-star move for move, fleshing out a woman who fights not only to save a client but also to prove herself worthy of the black robe she dons.

If you are looking for nail-biting suspense, Criminal Justice S2 might be somewhat underwhelming. But more than a thriller, the show is a relationship drama with multiple strands.

That is how it works best. It is about the ‘rebirth’ not only of the protagonist – one of the more mercurial prison inmates. a minor character who gets considerable footage is described as a Zinda laash (living corpse) awaiting death (kabr ke intezaar mein) – but also of several other women who get a raw deal.

Watch or Not??

  • It Is a Must-Watch webseries.
  • I have watched this webseries and this is the best webseries till date on Disney+Hotstar and the best webseries of 2020 released on OTT Platforms.

With some really incredible actors in the cast, all the segments have amazing performances.

Criminal Justice is an important show, if not the most perfect one. And with every episode ending at a point where you want to know what happens next, it comes across as a successful thriller.

The message that the show gives out is an important one, and something you wish you had the power to change. The show ends on a bittersweet note, reminding us that no matter how much it rains, the sun will always shine.

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