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30 Coins Season 2: Release Date and Cast Everything We Know About the HBO Series

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30 Coins Season 2: Release Date and Cast Everything We Know About the HBO Series

There is no doubt that, a year after its debut at the Venice Film Festival, 30 Coins (30 Coins Season 2) keeps existing one of the riskiest, groundbreaking and ambitious Spanish television productions of recent years. And despite being a compendium of light and shadow, not as balanced as it should be, Alex de la Iglesias horror orgy made in Spain gave us eight episodes to remember.

30 Coins Season 2

Those of us who enjoy the HBO series and its cocktail of Lovecraftian possessions, witchcraft, cults, and horrors have a great yearning for more after an eighth episode that opened the doors to a continuation that remains an unknown to this day; but with the rumors about the second season of ’30 coins’ ringing louder and louder – albeit still in the air – let’s gather what – little – we know about it.

30 Coins Season 2: The history

When we spoke to Álex de la Iglesia and Jorge Guerricaechevarría at the latest edition of the Sitges Festival, the director acknowledged that the original idea from the start was to make a trilogy. In particular, he noted that: “when we started writing we already had such an altarpiece in our head, such a cheeky triptych, and we are working on it”.

Knowing this and considering how the first season was shelved, with Eduard Fernández’s father Vergara and Manolo Solo’s perfidious Santoro very dead after falling into the void – and this can be seen on camera, so there’s no doubt their fate -, the is likely that the second part of ’30 coins’ will target most of the survivors, except last minute resurrections or visits to the past.

After eight episodes in which Macarena Gómez’s Merche Was Against Becoming the Feature’s Big Villain, the character fled from Pedraza along with the disturbing Lagrange, taking one of the coins the series revolves on; so it wouldn’t be unreasonable for this duo to meet Miguel Angel Silvestre’s Paco and Megan Montaner’s Elena, who would occupy the light end of the scale.

More difficult to prophesy is: the role that Angelo will have, the character played by Cosmio Fusco, who was taking a walk in New York City after changing his appearance and taking the form of an Asian man. The international dyes that have marked the plot so far, it looks like they will be maintained, yes.

30 Coins Season 2: The Team

Beyond the combination of director and screenwriter, we continue with the unknowns. The only thing we can guarantee with certainty is that: Alex de la Iglesia will once again take control of the hypothetical second season with his friend and lead screenwriter Jorge Guerricaechevarría, with whom he has collaborated for centuries.

On the other hand, the name with the most votes is to return within the technical/creative department Pablo Rosso , a cinematographer who knows very well how to dress a horror film or series and who has just finished his new job at the church, ‘Veneciafrenia’, which will be featured in the 2021 edition of the Sitges Festival.

30 Coins Season 2: The Cast

Don’t let the speculation stop! As we have already noted in the section on history, a priori, the deaths of Santoro and Vergara leave Eduard Fernández and Manolo Solo out of the game , which would only return to a flashback or a miracle.

The ones that are expected are the above Megan Montaner, Miguel ngel Silvestre, Macarena Gómez and Francisco Reyes , leaving it unknown whether Angelo will re-incarnate in Cosmio Fusco. Nor would the return of Pepon Nieto as Sergeant Laguna, Javier Bodalo like Antonio and some returning secondary players who survived the escabeche in Pedraza would not be unreasonable.

30 Coins Season 2: The Filming

In early September, certain rumors surfaced that the 30-coin shooting would begin throughout October, but things can be a lot more up in the air than it seems. For our part, we contacted HBO but they declined to comment. What is clear is that Álex de la Iglesia and Jorge Guerricaechevarría are closing the latest versions of the season scripts, as the director posted on his Twitter account a few days ago.

30 Coins Season 2: The Release Date

Without the start date of the shooting and without knowing the status of the pre-production phase, it is is impossible to calculate a potential release date. If we start shooting before the end of the year, we may forget to go back to Pedraza, at least until the fourth quarter of 2022.

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