3 All shares of Ords Forager ride to the moon

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Amid all the daily noise about the stock market, it’s easy to miss the potential of some smaller caps All Ordinary People Index (ASX:XAO) shares are proud.

The Forager Australian Shares Fund team is particularly interested in three All Ords shares in particular, and explained why in its latest report. memo to customers:

‘Knocking on the door’ from the big boys

(ASX: THL)’s shares are now up more than 15.3% from the August 10 low.

“The RV rental company delivered a great result and provided commentary that gives us confidence in continued earnings growth in 2024 and beyond,” Forager’s memo said.

“Forager’s earnings expectations are higher than broker estimates and, despite a strong rise over the past year, would make the current price look very attractive.”

Much will be revealed at the upcoming annual general meeting, the analysts said.

“Management commentary on permanently higher revenues and the continued recovery of international tourist arrivals in Australia and New Zealand supports our view.”

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