2021 Emmys: Conan O’Brien crashes Stephen Colbert’s speech, more

Emmys -Tonight at the 2021 Emmys, Conan O’Brien was the star of the night – although technically he didn’t win anything.

For whatever reason, Conan decided that if he left traditional TV, he would just cause as much chaos as possible over the course of the hour. First he stood up and saluted as the CEO of the Television Academy tried to deliver a speech. Then he decided to take the stage with the staff of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as they took home an award for their election-themed live special.

Why did Conan do all this? The only reason we can think of is that he was bored during the show and decided to mix things up. Ironically, he was the best part of the night – completely spontaneous and didn’t give a hoot about anything that happened. We think this was partly in honor of the late Norm Macdonald, who excelled at finding ways to startle audiences with his humor. He knew he had the ability to do whatever he wanted tonight and he delivered. Who’s going to stop Conan?

We think there will be people who are a little frustrated with Conan or feel like he’s distracting other people’s attention. Do we get that? Sure, but at the same time, this is a show that frankly needs a little more levity. Too often, awards shows become complacent and exaggerated. If we’re going to watch something for three hours, we hope it will be silly and random here and there.

Could the Emmys also give Conan a special prize or something next year? We’d love to see him reef and have fun up there for a good ten minutes.

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Do you think Conan O’Brien is the real hero of the 2021 Emmys, even if he didn’t get a trophy?

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