20 best dress code ideas for job interviews for men and women in 2021

In this article, we’ll discuss the 20 Best Dress Code Ideas for Men and Women Interview 2020. Gone are the days when interviewees had no choice but to show up for an interview in formal attire. Interviewees nowadays can dress formally, business-like causally or smart casual. Meanwhile, there are other industries and companies that have enforced the formal dress code and expect their interviewees to appear that way.

The position you are applying for may determine the dress code for your interview. Your dressing should give you a look that matches your experience and skill. It should give the interviewers the impression that you are the right person to fill the position.

Regardless of what the interviewer expects you to wear, be it formal wear, business casual, or smart casual, very quickly you may not know what to wear during the interview. This article addresses the issue of what to wear during a job interview, crossing the various formal and less formal dress codes.

Here are some interview dress code for men to try in 2020.

1. Business formal attire

You don’t have to appear boring because you are wearing a formal dress. Brighten up with a gray suit and pants and a nice shirt and tie.

2. Black suit and black tie

This is a more basic formal wear that will work in all office environments. Wear a matching button-down shirt and pay attention to the small details of this simple dress code.

3. Combine color and layers

A button-down shirt and sweater among suites suitable for all types of job interviews, business formal or casual. It also gives you a chic look.

4. Light colored or khaki blazer with pants

This one is ideal if you’re not sure whether you want to go business-formal or business-casual. With a tie it seems formal, but without a tie it seems causal.

5. Button-Up Shirt and Sweater

This combination gives you the most business casual look you can imagine. Neutral colored sweaters, navy, black or brown, match different shirt colors.

6. Navy Blue Blazer

A navy blue blazer gives you a formal option apart from the plain black. But it has the same uses and suits different shirts.

7. Color ties

You don’t always have to wear plain black and boring ties. Try something different with a not too flashy tie, especially in a business casual environment.

8. Bold shirts with buttons

Try the button-down shirts with classic colors for formal interviews. You can be more flexible with casual interviews as you don’t need ties.

9. Textured blazer

A textured blazer gives you a sense of style, sophistication and class, and gives you a relaxed yet professional look.

10. Basics

With menswear you can put on basics, just a shirt and pants, and still come across as very professional.

Interview Dress code for women to try in 2020.

While the fashion for men and women is different, the expectation for a dress code in a professional setting is similar.

11. Navy blue blazer

Navy blazer match with different colors and can also be worn with button-down shirts or blouses with skirts or pants for a professional look.

12. Buttoned Shirts

You can try different colored shirts with a button closure. You don’t have to stick to the boring white or blue. Also try out different types of fabrics. However, wear a decent neckline and don’t show off your bra or plunging neckline.

13. Elegant blouses with details

Blouses with little details like a bow can add so much elegance to your look. You can add a jacket to it for formal settings.

14. Try Khaki Blazers

Khaki blazers look just as good on women as on men. It is also versatile and can be paired with a buttoned blouse or shirt, with trousers or a skirt.

15. Custom black dress

You can’t do anything wrong in a black dress. This is a simple and everyday dress but still gives it that modern professional look. Works for both formal and informal environments.

16. Sweater on black pants

Black trousers are an important part of the women’s wardrobe. It can be paired with blouses, button down shirts and even a sweater for business casual interviews.

18. Wear a striking dress

Appearing professional for a job interview shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with color. But beware of revealing necklines and short dresses.

18. Sweater with V-neck

V-neck sweater gives you a versatile look for your job interview. You can wear it with a button-up blouse or shirt.

19. Try a printed cardigan

There are some prints, such as animal prints, that are not suitable for interviews. But you can use a number of other types of interviews. You really don’t have to be afraid to try them out.

20. Navy blue dress

A navy blue dress will give you that simple yet elegant look without compromising your intended professional look.


Your dress says a lot about you and can also give you the confidence you need for your job interview. Dress accordingly, but do it with style.

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