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2 min homemade scrubs from leftovers

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2 min homemade scrubs from leftovers
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2 min homemade scrubs from leftovers

Ever left with squeezed lemons in the kitchen and with a burning desire to use the leftovers somewhere on your skin, because of all the beauty magazines about the wonders of lemon, etc. The only catch is that you have no idea how or where to use it . Likewise, we have sugar, leftover tea / coffee grounds, salts, cucumber sides – the list really is endless. Well, we have a solution. Here’s our compilation of homemade scrubs that you can easily make yourself within 2 minutes of leftovers in the kitchen. Sounds good right? Better bookmark / pin this post now (scroll down to lock)

1. Coffee sugar scrub

All you need to do is MIX

– 1 part ground coffee or pure coffee if you prefer

– 1 part sugar

– 1/2 part coconut oil / olive oil / your favorite oil

And that’s it. Mix the desired amounts and use them in the bath. All smell fresh like coffee. Did you also know that the caffeine in coffee helps to get rid of cellulite!

2. Lemon sugar scrub

You can make this with

– 1 part lemon juice

– 1 part sugar (or more if you want the scrub to be thicker)

1/4 part oil (coconut oil / almond oil / olive oil / favorite oil)

The Lemon in the scrub has antioxidant properties that brighten the skin, remove dead skin cells, protect against sun damage and help keep skin clear. The sugar aids in the exfoliation and finally the oil will moisturize. This is also a great winter scrub for dry skin!

3. Green tea sugar scrub

– 1 part content of a green tea bag

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-1/2 part sugar (or more according to texture)

1/4 part oil (coconut oil / olive oil / your favorite oil)

This scrub works wonders to relax you. Use it to feel calm. Green tea also helps to really make the skin glow! By the way, you can finally use all the green tea bags you put away, never drink it, but always thought you’d do something with it someday ;)

4. Orange Zest Scrub

– 1/6 part Orange Zest

– 1 part sugar

– 1/6 part honey

1/4 part olive oil / favorite oil

Mix honey and oil and pour this into the sugar and then add the orange zest. This scrub smells heavenly and makes the skin baby soft. A very good scrub for the harsh winters.

We hope you enjoyed this compilation of easy homemade scrubs. If you have more ideas tell us, we are all ears. Maybe we can add your recipe to this list.

Until next time..

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