123Movies Website – Watch and Download Favorite Movies from 123 Movies Online – Is It Really Safe?

123movies is one of the most popular online movie watching websites. Another reason for its popularity is that it offers all of its movies in HD quality. The site allows customers to watch the latest hits of various languages ​​online in HD quality. This is what makes the 123movies the best about the online site for enjoying online movies and web series. But if you use the website once, the visitors will be confused. So here we will discuss 123movies, the benefits of using the website and the store to follow to get the free movies on the site.

123movies has been named the most popular illegal website in the world by the Motion Pictures Association of America. The main domain of the website was blocked in April 2018. Since then, the domain of 123movies keeps changing. The website is also blocked on Google and therefore the original network cannot be found on Google.

What are 123movies?

The people who operate the site are from Vietnam. But it has all kinds of top Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Not only that, but it also has other movies from other languages ​​such as Japanese and French, etc. All this makes 123movies one of the best online binge-watching sites. And the website does not contain any kind of popup or annoying that cuts off concentration at the thrilling moment of the movie. Later we will also discuss the features that make 123movies the best website to stream HD movies online.

Origin of 123 films

The website was launched by some people from Vietnam who started uploading movies from Hollywood. Later they started uploading the movie from another region of the world. Later on, 123movies became popular because no information was requested from you that could put you in unwanted circumstances. This is an important fact, as it has led 123 films to where it is today.

URL of 123movies 2020

As we know it is illegal to have such websites, 123movies have been banned from the government because it is a piracy website, so it keeps changing domain names. We have arranged some of 123movies’ active domains. Some of them are: –

  • 123movies.com
  • 123movies.ia
  • 123movies.in
  • 123movies.mv
  • 123movies.org
  • 123movies.site

How does 123movies work?

123movies is a website where you can watch movies online. It streams all top movies of different languages ​​at HD quality to give the best experience to the people. And the owners of this website usually leak the latest movies before coming to the theater. So 123movies offers you the best HD movies for free.

How to download movies from 123movies?

This website has been described as the best website to download illegal movies or series from Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu or Malayalam. 123movies offers the latest HD movies and series. It is one of the fastest growing piracy websites out there. Follow these steps to download movies from 123movies: –

  1. Type the URL of the website and go to the home page.
  2. Press the title button and you will be taken to a page where you will see a list of movies and genres.
  3. Open the movie of your choice and click on the download link.
  4. Select the quality in which you want to download it and choose the location where you want to save the movie.

Recent movies leaked on 123movies

The site already has a lot of variables in the movie. It’s not that people just look at them all. Most people prefer the recent hits. 123movies recently released some of the top hits from this and last year on its site, and these movies are also available for free to the visitors. Some of 123movies’ recent work are as follows

  • Kabir Singh
  • Dabangg 3
  • Mardani 2
  • Chappak
  • Hacked
  • Pati Patni Aur Wo
  • Street dancer
  • Avengers end game
  • Joker
  • Sahoo
  • The Zoya factor
  • The lionking
  • John Wick
  • Guna 369

Is using 123movies safe?

123movies is a piracy website and therefore it is not legal to use such websites to download TV shows or movies. And piracy doesn’t matter what an illegal, criminal offense. So using 123movies is not going to be safe anyway. The site promotes piracy and has its consequences. Therefore we warn you not to use the website and to stay safe.

Movie makers have put in a lot of effort which is all down the drain because of such piracy websites.

Is 123movies a legal website?

123movies is a website about piracy. Which means it promotes piracy of the content. And since piracy of anything on the Internet is subject to punishment, it is not a legal site. And it is also illegal to use the website to download movies. Therefore, we prefer that you take the fact seriously and do not use the website to download movies to avoid unacceptable consequences of using the site.

Alternative websites of 123movies

it is good to watch and download movies from legal websites but there are a few websites like 123movies to download and watch movies for free. While there is no substitute for 123movies, you can use some sites as an alternative. Using them will not give you the same experience as using the 123movies, but it will somehow make up for using the 123movies. Here are some of the alternative websites for 123movies you can use to download movies for free:

Which genre films do 123movies leak?

We said before that 123movies are not bound to one language. It is a multilingual website that allows you to download movies in different languages ​​such as French and Japanese. Here you get a look at the world movies. But not the only other language, the movie library here has a wide variety of categories of movies from different categories. Following are the categories in which the leaked movies are available on the website.

  • Sci-fi
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Anime
  • Sport
  • Romantic
  • Space
  • Fight
  • Fantasy
  • Psychological

What makes 123movies special?

There are numerous websites that offer you movies for free. And some even provide HD movies, such as 123movies. So what are the reasons why we consider 123movies to be the best option when we decide to download a movie or watch it online? Here is the answer to your question about the following points described.

  • The first advantage is that the website offers a wide variety of movies from different languages ​​including Hollywood and Bollywood. If you surf here you are not limited to just a little bit in my Hollywood or Bollywood movies. You can watch movies of different languages ​​like French, Japanese, etc. better.
  • You can watch all the movies in different HD qualities, that is to say, not only HD is an option you can also choose as 360p, 720p and 1080p. Now you can enjoy a top movie with the desired HD quality from any language.
  • The website does not contain any advertisement or popup, which makes it easier to operate. In addition, you will not be asked for information from you that could lead you to a problem. So the website is safe to operate and download movies.
  • It has a huge variety of movies in its library, and the movie is completely free. The website is therefore not bound to one or two languages; instead, it offers you top movies in different languages.


123movies is one of the most popular free movie websites. But the site is neither legal nor secure. Even if you use those websites, viruses can get onto your phone. This article is only about making people aware that these types of sites exist.

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