12 Amazon Prime Shows You Can Watch in Just One Weekend


With the weekend comes free time, and what better way to use it than to watch a really good TV show and finish it off with a sense of accomplishment and accomplishment? Of course you can start chipping a show with many seasons, but sometimes you want something that won’t let you down. To help you choose your next weekend marathon, we’ve rounded up the best shows of one and two seasons streaming on Amazon Prime. You won’t have a problem taking out one (or a few!) Of these bad guys by the time you have to get back to work next week. Read on for those recommendations, and for more, here it is The best TV show of 2020, according to critics

Antony Starr in The Boys
Amazon Studios

If you’re starting to resent the supremacy of comic book movies at the box office, then you should definitely get into it The boysYes, it’s also based on a graphic novel, but in this series, superheroes are the bad guys – which is why a group of common vigilantes are chasing them. To watch those blockbusters this show satirizes stack up against each other, we are Ranking every Marvel movie from worst rated to best

Still from Undone
Amazon Studios

Anyone who wants to become existential over the weekend should check out Undone, a beautifully animated series about a young woman (Rosa Salazar) who after a car accident gains the ability to mentally travel through time. After a warm critical reception, there is probably one second season on orderalthough no drop date has been announced yet.

Julia Roberts in Homecoming
Amazon Studios

In the tense and trippy psychological thriller Come home, Mr. Robot Creator Sam Esmail edits a popular narrative podcast about a mysterious facility for recent war veterans into a gripping TV series. Julia Roberts and Stephan James star as the facility’s therapist and one of her patients, who together begin to unravel the secrets of the program. The show’s second, equally bingeable season centers around a new character played by Janelle MonáeAnd for more recommendations sent straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter

Hugh Grant in A Very English Scandal
Amazon Studios

With only three episodes, this miniseries, based on a real English scandal, comes off easily. Hugh Grant stars like Jeremy Thorpe, a Member of Parliament who hires a man to murder his former lover (Ben Whishaw) to keep him from exposing their affair. While it sounds soapy, the drama also explores the effects of the criminalization of homosexuality in Britain.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Andrew Scott in Fleabag
Amazon Studios

Phoebe Waller-Bridge has collected to hope of praise for her innovative comedy about a sex-obsessed woman mourning her mother and her dead best friend, all well deserved. Both (short!) Seasons of Flea bag are groundbreaking, although the second is a bit lighter and contains a wonderful, unexpected love story between our witty heroine and … a priest (Andrew ScottIf you are looking for Netflix suggestions, here are 13 Netflix shows you can watch from start to finish this weekend

Tig Notaro in One Mississippi
Amazon Studios

Comedian Tig Notaro co-created and stars (as a character named “Tig Bavaro”) in A Mississippi, another moving, character-driven comedy. Loosely based on Notaro’s life, the story follows a radio host who returns to her hometown to address her mother’s death and her own cancer. But it’s actually funny, we promise!

Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager

Based on the John le Carré novel, The night manager revolves around the eponymous hotel worker and ex-soldier (Tom Hiddleston) who is tasked with infiltrating the inner circle of an arms dealer (Hugh Laurie Olivia Colman and Elizabeth Debicki round out the intimidatingly talented main cast.

JK Simmons in counterpart
Sony Pictures Television

JK Simmons plays a dual role in this Cold War-inspired science fiction series: Howard, a gentle office worker with a repetitive job and … also Howard, his counterpart in a parallel universe that most of the population has no idea exists. With a total of two seasons of 10 episodes, you can learn all about the multiverse in just one weekend.

Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph in
Amazon Studios

To say one more thing about it Forever would be to spoil it, so suffice it to say that this series of stars disappeared too soon Saturday Night Live alums Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen if your average couple next door. For more gems to add to your queue, here are 14 TV shows to watch from start to finish this weekend on HBO Max

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne in
Jan Thijs / Amazon Studios

The fantasy thriller Carnival Row is not easy to summarize in one sentence. It involves mythical creatures and humans and a war and characters named Rycroft Philostrate (Orlando Bloom) and Vignette Stonemoss (Cara DelevingneIf you’re in the mood for something dark and also whimsical, it should be on your roll this weekend.

Patrick McGoohan in The Prisoner
Carlton Communications plc / ITV Studios Global Entertainment

The cult-favorite 1967 sci-fi series The prisoner probably influenced many of your recent favorites – it is so loved by those who have seen it. And Amazon has all 17 episodes of the show, which starts when a guy (Patrick McGoohan) is held captive in a creepy town with no idea why.

David Tennant and Michael Sheen in Good Omens
Amazon Studios

In Good omens, the most recent update of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman‘s comic fantasy novel, The Lovely Couple David Tennant and Michael Sheen are a demon and an angel, respectively, who throughout their eternity develop a friendship among mortals – as well as a great appreciation for the earth. When they realize that both sides are done with the human world, they join forces to help save it. For more information to add to your list, click here 14 TV shows to watch from start to finish on Hulu this weekend

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