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10 Weeks Pregnant – Baby Growth, Development and Pregnancy Symptoms

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10 Weeks Pregnant – Baby Growth, Development and Pregnancy Symptoms
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Your body

10 Weeks Pregnant – Baby Growth, Development and Pregnancy Symptoms
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Have you mapped and memorized the location of every public toilet in the city? At this point, you probably need to urinate more often than ever — a fact due to your growing uterus pressing on your bladder. The good news is that your uterus will shift upward after about 12 weeks. That means less pressure on your bladder and fewer bathroom breaks. Yet another problem: Around this time, some mothers-to-be experience uncomfortable cramping or a pulling sensation in the lower part of the abdomen. You can always check with your doctor, but it’s probably something called round ligament pain — which is caused when the tendons supporting your uterus stretch as the child develops. The torment can be sharp and possibly on either side of your mid-range. But anyway, as long as the pain is only intermittent, and it’s not accompanying symptoms like… fever, bleeding, or dizzinessDon’t worry – it’s completely normal and not a sign that anything is wrong. (Read here Diet tips to eat healthy during pregnancy)


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Height of your baby

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Weight of your baby Gewicht

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Size of your baby

your baby

In this week, your baby has demonstrable fingers and toes. Imagine how tiny they are – too cute! Both the external ears and the upper lip are fully formed, the cartilage, skeletal bones and external genitalia continue to develop. The baby’s brain also grows super fast at this stage. Utterly mind-boggling fact: An estimated 250,000 neurons are currently forming in her brain every minute. Wow! And the graduation ceremony is near. After this week, your little one is no longer considered an embryo – she is referred to as a fetus.

If your doctor is concerned about the baby, she may recommend a genetic test called CVS, or chorionic villus sampling. It is usually done between the 10th and 12th week and involves the collection of cells from the placenta. CVS is fundamentally performed before amniocentesis during pregnancy and has an accuracy that is more critical than 99%, as demonstrated by the March of Dimes. It nevertheless carries a small danger of premature delivery. For ladies who are at increased risk of passing on a hereditary condition, such as Tay-Sachs, or of transmitting a boy with Down’s condition, the test can certainly be justified despite the small danger. If you’re thinking about this test, choose an intermediary or clinic with a solid safety record and delay it until after the 10th seven-day pregnancy. And make sure your doctor really walks you through the pros and cons of your unique case.

Your life right now

Okay, the last thing on your mind right now is your teeth. But now is a good time to schedule a checkup. Why? Because the increased amount of blood in your body, combined with hormone changes, can predispose you to dental and gum problems (you may have noticed that your gums bleed a little when you brush or floss). A little irritation probably isn’t a problem, but some women develop “pregnancy gingivitis”– which results from the accumulation of bacteria and swelling and inflammation of the gums. And not to scare you in the dental chair altogether, but according to The American Academy of Periodontology, pregnant women with periodontal disease (a more advanced health condition) may be seven times more likely to have a low-birth-weight premature baby. (Read here “What to eat?” during the pregnancy)

Some tips for good dental health during pregnancy:

Tell your dental professional that you are pregnant as this may affect the type of care you need and receive.

Routine dental X-rays may be delayed until after delivery. Nevertheless, if contamination is suspected or an emergency occurs, dental X-rays are unlikely to be dangerous. You must be protected with a lead cover.

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Hormonal changes can increase gum irritation if your oral hygiene is not acceptable. Seek immediate dental care if your gums are dilated or emptied when you brush your teeth.

Ask your dentist for advice on dental care for your new baby.

Do not smoke. Smoking can increase the risk of periodontal infection and can obviously lead to medical problems for you and the child.

Essentially brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and use dental floss.

Eat healthily and avoid sweet snacks, as they lead to acid build-up that damages tooth enamel and can cause tooth decay.

In case you get upset by constant heaving, because of early morning sickness, it can leave stomach acid in your mouth. If not collected quickly, this caustic can damage the surfaces of your teeth and cause tooth decay. Do not brush immediately, but rinse your mouth with water and follow a mouthwash with fluoride after vomiting. Brush about an hour later to refresh your mouth and protect your teeth from the harmful effects of stomach acid.

Hormonal effects can cause delicate tissue development along the gumline, more than a few teeth. This tissue label is known as an ‘epulis’. Although they are very vascular and therefore bleed easily when brushing your teeth, they are usually benign and often decrease after delivery, although they may need to be removed by a doctor.

Moms Like Me/ I wish I had known

“Don’t be pressured by the media. You don’t need 5,000 things for your baby and 3 different strollers and 4 different seats and different carriers. You don’t need a separate playpen/crib/portable crib. Research the different options for baby equipment online and see where you can consolidate.”-cl-bradleyteach

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