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10 Ways to Secure Your Career

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Now that you know how to secure your career, it’s time to think about what you can do to give yourself that extra boost to reach this goal. It may seem like a long way to get to the top of your career, but when you’re working on it, you don’t have to go to so many doors with a smile!

Now is the perfect time to take these 10 key strategies into account your overall approach to securing your own career with this information:

1. Disturbing your assumptions: You may feel that you cannot use some of your assumptions to differentiate yourself more clearly in your career. But success doesn’t just come from the brain; it comes from the people who have brains. This is a quick technique that will help you step outside your own bubble of assumptions to see new things in it. Look at your current position, your experience in other areas of work and write your assumptions down on paper. These assumptions may have some “kinks” that prevent them from being career opportunities.

2. A great makeover: what you wear really matters. Make sure you look your best with what you wear every day for work and career.

3. Get a Killer Elevator Pitch: You may have noticed this, but it is. This is your elevator pitch about what you do and what you want in your career. This is a reality check of what others think of you when they hear your name. How clear are they about what you are doing?

4. Social Networking: Spending time on Facebook and Twitter can be a great way to let people know that you are interested in what you do, that someone is interested in what you have to offer. Buying a large number of followers for yourself can make a big difference. You can also use your tweets and microblogging posts to connect with others who fit into your social network. Flyers and emails are also good springboards for high networking.

5. Have a Supportive Hand: Networking Events are Great Networking Too !! What you like to do, I don’t know what your customers want to do. My clients love customer focus. They love to make sure their customers care about their business. I may have something I want to do and my client is either not interested, has not thought about it, or does not have the money to do it. I love it when I find others who share the same concern. I gladly offer to help my clients in daily life. By sharing their vision and what they want, I get the opportunity to shine for my customers.

6. Write a book: You can write your own book, but if you do, there are companies that will release your work and establish a market for that book. You can even write articles on sites like that your customers can find over the Internet. Writing for you is also a great way to be seen as an expert in your field and also to explain your work to those who might read it.

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7. Appreciation: If you don’t look with appreciation for what you do, most likely other people will not play with you.

8. Action: When you say you are going to do something, do it. Doesn’t matter what you say. And yes, there will be times when it will be difficult to get moving. You will still need to remain enthusiastic about the work to be done and stay in this vital energy of wrestling.

9. Work-Browsing: This is another way to show appreciation for what you are doing on behalf of your customers. Shop around for other honorees, or know someone else who works in a field you love. Then find them.

10. Take a lesson: When you go to a lesson about something that may be related to your industry, you learn something that better place your career where it belongs: on the tip of your tongue.

Once you have learned and made an effort to develop a strong, successful career and you have a whole network of people who care about what you do, you will have that opportunity to tell them what they mean to you. You may find it difficult to remember all the things they need from you, but eventually your best friends and acquaintances list will become a crucial source of resources and information to make all the work you do a little easier.

Maybe you think this is too much work, or it is no longer about everything else that is going well in your job. I hope you don’t bring that person with you of course!

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