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10 things women can learn from menswear

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10 things women can learn from menswear
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10 things women can learn from menswear

Eeven though we have a countless number of options to choose from when it comes to clothing, we women can never have enough. We love to experiment and stand out and yes, we feel superior because we can take on androgynous clothes and wear them with equal vigor. If you have a clothing fetish or are a collector, try this one for an androgynous look and you’re sure to get the makeover you’ve wanted together for months. From girly flowers, flowy dresses and spaghetti in the summer to winter now with a new outfit from your friend’s closet every day.

1. Baggy Pants

You have to dare to try this trend. Not a perfect hit for someone who is chubby, wide pants look great on a slim body type. They need to be worn with the right kind of uppers to get the right look. Style them well with a fitted printed T-shirt or you can also wear them with a blazer, a scarf and a spaghetti top that perfectly balances the outfit and adds layers. Add a belt or piece of jewelry for that oh-so-envious look.

2. Plaid Shirts

Whether it’s winter or summer, plaid shirts and especially plaid shirts are something you can never go wrong with. They remain in fashion forever, juggling between different styles and cuts. They are easy to combine with jeans, jeggings or tailored trousers. Versatile and chic, a plaid shirt pulled from a man’s closet is sure to up that cool quotient in your look.

3. Black suit

Men love to be dressed and booted, and they believe in owning a few, but the best. Whether it’s a tuxedo or a double-breasted suit, the elegance in each is otherworldly. Wear it in a masculine way, or replace the pants with a skirt, this trend is a one-off. Let’s show these guys that we can wear this trend better than they can.

4. Hooded Sweatshirts

No matter what planet you come from, a hooded sweatshirt is effortless and will keep you warm from cold winds all winter long. Guys look super cute in this trend, but we can definitely turn the trend around by teaming them with thigh-high boots and slim-fitting pants. Get a space age makeover while wearing a hooded sweatshirt over a dress.

5. Denim cardigan

Experimental add-ons like these herald the future as they make it easier to replicate them with a particular outfit. While men wear their denim vests over boots, raw denim and a full or half sleeve tee, women can give it a new spin by pairing them with a sheath dress, maxi dress or long sweatshirt.

6. High Peaks

If a big shoe fetish is eating you, then converse high-tops are something you’ll love. Usually we look for shoes that match our outfits, but this makes you look for outfits that match your shoes. A popular choice among men, these will add dozens of compliments to your look and have you from one to several pairs at once. You can combine them with leggings, long sweaters or just anything.

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7. Cable Knit Sweaters

Growing up, you may have seen your father or grandfather warming up with this classic piece in their wardrobe. A staple sweater, this one is now available in a variety of cuts and is sure to keep you cozy this winter. Also known as the Fisherman’s sweater, this one looks great when worn oversized. It not only hides the bulges but also makes you look slim. Pair it with leggings and knee-length boots and you’re all set to head out into the cold.

8. Blazer

If contemporary is your style, then your man’s blazer is a must try this winter. Be it a classic black or a vibrant solid hue, this one is sure to rock whatever fashion sense you have. Who said a blazer is just a part of uniforms or can only work for a formal look? Breaking the rules.

9. Bermuda

Ever tried to get some of these from that secret store or steal some from your friend’s closet? Trust a guy when he tells you that a pair of Bermuda shorts is the most comfortable thing in the world. Frankly, it is. Take this trend with open arms, they look cool paired with an oversized t-shirt.

10. Dungarees

Look your best wearing dungarees with a crop top. Underline this look with a pair of sneakers and braided hair. Dungarees have looked great on men for ages and will also make you look like a total fashionista.

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