💳 Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards with Limits of $ 10,000

Are you looking for one guaranteed credit card approval with a limit of $ 10,000 no down payment for bad credit? Do you really know you have bad credit? We advise to check for reliable credit reporting. It’s completely free.

Cards never endorse their credit limits, but the majority of applicants want to know how much they can spend. While the chances of a high spending limit are higher if you have a good credit score, those with poor credit are wondering what they can do to increase their odds.

We will not go into the details of why you need a high credit line. You may want to make a big purchase! Who judges you?

But here’s some news for you – First of all

Check credit card options immediately – it’s completely free

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You most likely won’t find a card with such a high limit with bad credit.

What is a high credit limit?

“Different punches for different people.”

The definition of ‘high credit limit’ will vary from person to person. For us, anything between $ 5000 and a whopping $ 10,000 is considered a good start. Hold that thought!

There are some cards that offer a maximum limit of as much as $ 100,000. But not everyone reveals the numbers for obvious reasons.

Let’s take a look at our list of credit cards you are in all probability to be approved with bad credit.

Capital OneĀ® Platinum Credit Card

Capital One Platinum Card

People give multiple reviews of the Capital One Platinum credit card, claiming that they have been approved with a low credit score and have increased a $ 1,000 credit limit several times a year. We can guarantee that you may be approved for this card with a credit score of around 580 and that the company is very generous in giving you credit limit increases on a regular basis.

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Total Visa credit card

The Total Visa credit card has very good ratings and is known for instantly approving people with low credit scores. The application process is quite simple and fast. One can easily manage the monthly payments. Their site states that the initial credit is always $ 300, but I’ve seen reports of people getting credit increases within the year.

Total Visa Credit Card is a legit VISA card accepted by merchants all over the United States of America.

Credit One Platinum

The Credit One Platinum card is a great starter card for those with low credit and it is unsecured meaning you don’t have to pay a security deposit.

First entry Visa Card

If you don’t have a perfect credit score, the First Access VISA card still grants you approval.

For starters, this credit card is offered by the Bank of Missouri.

If you knock on all doors and no one answers (to approve), First Access gives you the option to have a high spending limit.

The application process is safe and simple. Initially, they offer a $ 300 credit limit, but I’ve seen reviewers talk about how the spending limit increases over time.

First Tech Platinum Secured MasterCard

There are some issuers that limit the credit limit, but First Tech Platinum Secured MasterCard offers a total credit limit of $ 500 and it goes up to $ 25,000.

Aside from the card having a decent credit limit, the card is beneficial for those who want to make a lot of purchases or build their credit.

To apply for the card, one must become a member of the First Technology Federal Credit Union.

Things to note:

If you want guaranteed approval, but can make peace with a lower credit limit, DISCOVER Secure credit card is also a great option.

You will get excellent rewards and a generous bonus will be given to the new members. Keep in mind that this card has a higher APR and the credit limit is up to $ 2500.

How did we choose these credit cards?

Welcome to a world where no one is transparent about the credit limit. Most credit cards will reveal a limited spending amount of $ 300- $ 500.

Keep in mind that $ 300 is just the starting point. The credit card company determines the credit limit based on your application. Certain sensitive information and credit reports are kept in mind before setting your credit limit.

Let’s get the fact that your monthly income is pretty good. In addition, you have no outstanding debt. Card issuers would like to offer you a high credit limit. That’s because you have the option to pay the monthly amount.

Ideally, keep a good relationship with the company that issues the card and you will reap the long-term benefits.

Think about it: If you have a credit card with a $ 20,000 limit, but want to increase the spending limit, the card issuer can take care of it. Instead of applying for another credit card with a minimum limit of $ 10,000, your card issuer will issue you a credit card with a total credit of $ 25,000.

To sum it up …

A credit card with a $ 10,000 credit limit for bad credit (no down payment) is rare. However, secured credit cards give you the option of making a down payment. There was a time when Wells Fargo Secured Visa offered people with bad credit to make a down payment.

Lenders are unsure about giving guaranteed approval and high-limit credit to people with bad credit. But take your chance and apply. If not, there is always a chance to get approval for low limit credit cards.

Speaking of credit limits –

A card issuer may never disclose the credit limit, but you will always get the guaranteed approval from the card issuers listed above.

If you want to increase your credit limit by taking out a loan and consolidating your other debts read this article on easy loans with bad credit.

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